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Furniture Junk Removal in King of Prussia

Furniture Removal

Large pieces of furniture can be cumbersome and problematic to move which is why many of the calls we get at Tri-County Junk Removal have to do with the removal of furniture. Office, bedroom, or living room furniture is oftentimes very heavy, so “out with the old, in with the new” becomes harder to accomplish as a result.  Property owners oftentimes engage in trying to remove these items themselves when what they really need is to call a licensed and insured junk removal company to make sure that the items are moved and disposed of properly without any risk to the homeowner or the property.   

Our junk haulers have the manpower and the equipment to move even the biggest pieces of furniture with ease so there is no need to worry about a thing.  Moving and don’t want to take that bulky sofa with you?  Getting ready to cozy up in your new dream home and want to leave all of your old stuff behind?  Renovating an office workspace and need to get rid of the old desks and chairs?  We have you covered.

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How much does furniture removal cost?

Furniture removal costs vary depending on what furniture you need to have removed. An item like an old mattress or a large appliance will cost well under $100 to remove and dispose of.  The more stuff you need hauled away the more costly the haul will become.  However, the cost is completely worth it.  You will save yourself time, headache, and worry by leaving junk hauling to the experts.  And if you are in the Tri-County area, trust Tri-County Junk Removal for cheap junk removal.  We can even deal with commercial property furniture clean-outs as well and even remove entire structures.

What kind of furniture can junk haulers remove?

Any type of furniture in your home can be removed by junk removers.  Just make sure that you have hired a licensed and insured company like Tri-County Junk Removers.  Reputable trash haulers should also have specialized equipment and people with know-how to remove even the most difficult of items from your homes or businesses without causing damage.   Our experts can even remove more difficult outside items like old cars, above ground pools, and hot tubs.  Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

Dumpster Rental

If you are looking to remove furniture or other large pieces of equipment from a home or business over time or if you are doing a DIY project, you might want to consider renting a temporary dumpster.  Temporary dumpster rentals are affordable solutions for trash removal when you are looking to complete a project without having a rigid deadline.  Contact us today, and we will come out to look at your property, find the right spot for your dumpster, and deliver it to you quickly and efficiently. 

No matter what you need, Tri-County has you covered.  We can even offer same day trash removal with a larger crew for our customers.  Call or email us today for more information on our services.

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