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Structure Removal in Chester, PA

Many of our residential and commercial clients do not realize that not only can Tri-County Junk Removal haul away junk from properties, we also have the capability of moving large pieces of equipment out of the way and out of your life.  Not only do we handle junk car removal and AC removal, our expert team can even specializes in structure removal from your property.  All it takes is just one call, and one of our team members will begin working with you right away to get rid of what you do not want anymore. 

Don’t try to remove heavy items on your own and risk your own health and safety as well as the safety of your property.  Once you hire the experts at Tri-County Junk Removal, we will send out a crew to assess your needs, bring in any necessary equipment, dismantle the structure and dispose of the pieces properly, and make sure that you are left with a clean space to start new.  We can even bring in a larger crew for expedited services.  No matter what you need, we can handle it.

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Sheds are oftentimes subject to the elements and may deteriorate or become less useful over time.  When not used for long periods of time not only can they become a blight on your property, but they can also become unsafe.  You might even find that animals use the shed as a place to get out of the cold and rain.  Get rid of that old shed by calling our junk removers.  


Garages and carports are really wonderful additions to any home, but over time, these structures, too, can begin to lose their integrity.  They can also become eyesores and ruin the curb appeal of your home or commercial property.  Why not get rid of the old and build a new one?  Your first step.  Contacting our experts who can quickly determine your needs and bring an experienced crew and the specialized equipment to finish the job.    


Concrete or wooden decking is beautiful until it is not. Let our trash removal company get rid of the old decking so that you can start fresh without having to worry about demolishing and properly disposing of the old materials.  And an added bonus is that decks are oftentimes a great DIY project for homeowners, so once our team is done, your space will be ready for you to start your new project. Along with your structure removal we can even remove old outdoor furniture that you do not want or cannot use anymore.

Fountains and Water Features

If your commercial or residential property has an old water feature like a fountain that no longer works or is in need of repair or replacement, we can dismantle it and dispose of it properly.  All you have to do is call our trash haulers at your convenience.  There is no need to try to do this type of activity yourself as you may end up causing unnecessary damage to your property.  We can also dismantle larger water features like hot tubs and above-ground pools. 

Set up an Appointment Now or call and get a free estimate on structure removal.

No matter what you need, Tri-County Junk Removal can do it.  Just give us a call today for a free, no obligation quote on cheap junk removal.  If you are in need of residential or commercial junk removal, we are the experts in your area. 

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